Dear KBC winners, we are pleased to inform you that we have launched the latest online portal for all KBC lucky draw winners and KBC winners 2021. You can now simply visit our website to get the details about your winning prize or to see the results of KBC lucky draw winner 2021. If you have certain queries or want to know more details about anything related to KBC, just call our KBC head office Whatsapp number 0019199992481 and we will be pleased to help you with your questions.
Just keep visiting our updated website for all the news, views and official information and get yourself a chance to win the biggest prize money in a game show.

KBC me registration Kaise Kare?

If you are worried about “KBC me registration kaise kare”, well, we have good news for you. To ensure participation of all Indians, KBC is now automatically including all Indian adults with a valid SIM card for KBC lucky draw 2021.
Yes, now you don’t have to worry about buying ticket numbers or getting registered at certain numbers. All you got to do is to buy a valid SIM card that’s registered to your name and you’ll be automatically be included for the KBC lucky draw 2021. KBC lucky draws will be held on 15th and 30th of every month, which means you got a fair chance to participate in the biggest Indian game show just by recharging your SIM cards. So, keep recharging and increase your chances to win 70,000,000.
You can also check out the results for every KBC lucky draw 2021 on our website. We will be updating our websites with the latest results, so you have access to the official information at all times. Moreover, for all your queries or concerns regarding “KBC me kaise jaye” you can also call our KBC head office Whatsapp number at
0019199992481 and talk to our experts who will help you understand the process as well as make you understand online systems.

KBC Head Office Number

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KBC Lucky Draw 2021

We would like to inform all our dear Indians that always trust our official KBC winner website to check out your status for KBC winners 2021 or KBC lucky draws 2021 results. Our experts are always here to help you with the most updated and official information with 24/7 dedicated helplines to help you through the process. Just call our head office Whatsapp number at 0019199992481 to get access to our official experts.

KBC Winner List 2021

kbc lottery winners 2019

Name:Poja Parmar
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:881****296
State:Madhya Pradesh

kbc 35 lakh lottery winner

Name:Sunil Kumar
Lottery Amount:25,00,000
Mobile Number:879****270
State:Uttar Pradesh

kbc 25 lakh lottery

Name:Neha Mehla
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:893****052

kbc lottery 25 lakhs kbc winner

Name:Lal Krishan
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:980***031
State:Himchal Pradesh

kbc lucky draw 2019,kbc lucky draw winner,kbc lucky winner,

Name:Patel Chirag
KBC Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:987****221

KBC Lucky Draw Winner

Name:Majharul Haque
Winner of 35,00,000
Mobile Number:900****667

kbc lucky draw 2019

Name:Venkat Uday Kumar
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:868****602

KBC Lottery Winners

Name:Devendra Malviya
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:883****600
State:Madhya Pradesh

kbc lottery winner 2019

Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:885****957

kbc lottery winner 2019

Name:Jaswinder Singh

Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:991****733

KBC Lottery Winners 2019

Name:Lakha Singh
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:843****602

KBC Lucky Draw winner

Name:Chandra Prakash
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile Number:860****380
State:Uttar Pradesh

kbc lottery winner 2019

Name:Vijay Kumar
Winner of 35,00,000
Mobile Number:839****418

kbc lottery winners
jio lucky draw 2019

KBC me Kaise Jaye.

Dear KBC lovers, please read the information below to understand the process of getting registered and selected from KBC lucky draw 2021:

  • You don’t need to buy any ticket number of register via phone
  • All Indian citizens with a registered SIM card at their name are automatically qualified to participate in the game show
  • There will be two KBC lucky draws every month on 15th and 30th
  • All you got to do is to recharge your sim card to increase your chances to be part of the biggest Indian game show

KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number


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KBC 25 Lakh Lottery